The Gingerbread Project was our first collective step into the realm of film-making where the entire class would make a mockumentary on how much gingerbread-houses mean to us and Norway at large and how easy it is to dislike people you spend a lot of time with.

We had three cameras, a “confession-cam” and 40 lbs of gingerbread-dough to turn into finished product. We worked through the night, planning scenes that came from the original concept. We adapted a satirical tone throughout the movie, and used humour actively throughout the production.

We considered several ways to film; we tried faking security cameras, using tripods and stabilisers, but we liked the feel of a hand held camera, so we went for that option.

Due to the length and the partial improvisation it was rather difficult to edit well. We wanted to keep a central narrative, but refused to let go of our spontaneity. This heavily affected the pacing of the movie and it can easily seem boring when we struggle to maintain form, narrative and concept simultaneously.  I decided that we would need to script the events we wanted more heavily if we ever where to repeat the project.

If you have any requests, please do not hesitate to put them in the comments.


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