Born This Way & The Young Girl- After Effects Clips (2 clips)

Function: Editing

This intro was an intro to the recording of a dance perfomance in 2011, it was my first attempt at editing using Adobe After Effects. Since my inexperience was a disadvantage, I chose a style that was meant to resemble crude puppetry, as this was relatively straightforward and also complemented the dance.

In hindsight I realize how many errors I did when creating this clip. The poorly sized backdrop, clumsy animation and having no concern for images of different resolution.

It was, however, quite educational. I cut out the dancers from images taken with their personal cameras, coloured the background green and keyed it out later in the production. It was difficult to make the effects varied and entertaining at the same time, and I struggled with

The music is “Temple of Pork” from the videogame “Muppet Monster Adventure” and composed by Michael Giacchino.

This video was made to play on the back wall of a scene that I created as part of my Drama curriculum. I was inspired by my previous work with intro above and set out to create a more complex work. The model originally had separate arms, legs, hands and feet that could be animated independently of each other, and it also emulated a much more realistic walk. When testing this on-stage it became apparent that this technically superior animation would not supplement the scene playing in front of it very well, so I had to make it more jerky, used less head models, redo the body and skew  the height/width ratio to make it seem more cartoonish and childish. This greatly improved the experience, and I realised that I need to experiment more with the relationship between technical quality and function.


If you have any requests, please do not hesitate to put them in the comments.


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